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Art Lessons for Children

Painting is a unique medium of expression. At any age, it allows you to meet your creativity and liberate your mind. I have been working with Qbicart Atelier for eight years, running workshops with children (DBS checked) and adults from different communities and countries, discovered many art lovers and made great works together. We currently have portable art workshops in many parts of London, Oxford and Edinburgh.

London Art Classes

Wednesday, Wimbledon / Thursday, Richmond / Friday, Wimbledon
4.30 pm - 5.45 pm
4-12 ages, Quato 8
fee £ 50 monthly

I am bringing my art studio to the comfort of your area ! Here is a sample program to get you started: recreate some of the works of the world’s most important painters with the eyes of the painter. After a discussion of the work of the artist and its context, we can find out about the goals of the student. The student then gets to work, and after she or he is done, we reinterprete the work together. Examples include Vincent van Gogh, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Gustov Klimt, Jean Michel Basquiat, Fikret Mualla, Yoyoi Kusama.

Night Museum for Adults

7 pm tp 9 pm”
13th of March in the Tate Modern
27th of March in the National Galley
3nd of April in the Tate Modern
fee £20 ( Per Adult)

One the main aspects of learning is its ‘happening environment’, its ‘atmosphere’. Britain has some of the best museums of the world, and we can meet in the evening at museum to see amazing art works or scientific exhibts first hand. First we take a short tour, we sprawl in front of our favorite artwork or object and we reinterpret or draw it.

Art Party’ for Children’s Birthdays

For 4 to 12 children ( Max 15 child)
1:30 hours
Art party in the garden & where ever you choose
fee £180

Give your child a fun, creative experience to enjoy with their friends. More than just a simple event, our craft-making parties entertain and inspire too! Our art parties include painting, discovering new opinions about art, interpreting artistic trends, music and dancing, or just playing with colours!


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