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Kübra Müjde was born in 1987 in Mesopotamia, in particular in Turkey's southeastern Anatolia region. She is an Arab painter from a Bedouin family, and studied at the High School of Fine Arts, Şanlıurfa, and the University of Arts, Harran. She did a Master in Plastic Arts in Bolu, and is currently in the final stage of her Ph.D. at Yeditepe University. She is currently living in Oxford, pursuing painting and giving workshops to adults and children from different communities and backgrounds.

She has created dozens of works on the theme of sleep over a long period of time, recently renewed by the theme "what I want". She has held and contributed to many exhibitions and installations showcasing her art.

“For a long time I explored sleeping through painting, installation and video. Why? Because there was no clear answer to the causality of the existence of life, and I clearly believed that we were anesthetized by someone, and I justified the reasoning with this answer and slept.

But there was one thing I didn't understand. Why should everything be justified?

Life takes its place in silent laws, which have been accepted to require no evidence and have formed their own cyclic routine.

Now, I draw what I want, no matter, no reason, no meaning”

  • What I Want ll , Mana Art Center, Artsy Online Platform, 2019
  • What I Want, Magdalen Road Studios, United Kingdom, Oxford, 2019
  • What I Want, Art For Peace, Tehran, Iran 2018
  • Sleepers ll, Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal 2018
  • Sleeping Journey, London, United Kingdom 2017
  • Sleep lll, Yüksel Sabancı Cultural Center, İstanbul, Turkey 2016
  • Sleep ll, İstanbul, Turkey 2014
  • Sleep l, Şanlıurfa, Turkey 2009
  • Comfort • Disturb, Viva, Dalston, London, United Kingdom, 2020
  • The Body, Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2020
  • Beyond The Limits, Mana Art Center, Artsy Online Platform, 2019
  • Priceless, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford, United Kingdom 2019
  • Art for peace, Tehran, Iran 2018
  • Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Young Artists Group Exhibition, Eskişehir, 2016
  • Ortaköy Culture and Art Centre, Yeditepe Uni. PhD Students Group Exhibition, İstanbul, 2016
  • Artoros International Painting Exhibition, Antalya 2014
  • Mixing Pattern Exhibition, Gaziantep University, Pattern Workshop, Gaziantep 2014
  • Participation in group teamwork with 17 students in International Art Biennial, İstanbul 2013
  • Şanlıurfa Municipality ‘Mussy’ Group Exhibition, 2011
  • Fine Arts Gallery “Domestic Violence” themed National Group Exhibition, Şanlıurfa 2011
  • Abant İzzet Baysal University, November 24 Group Exhibition, Bolu 2010
  • Contemporary Arts Gallery, Group Exhibition, İstanbul, 2010
  • Child and youth Biennial United Kingdom representative Jury 2020
  • Yunus Emre Enstitüsü – London and the Turkish Consulate General in London Community Art exhibition Jury 2019
  • Workshop with children, Koblenz, Germany 2019
  • Workshop with children, Tehran, Iran 2019
  • Workshop with children, Syrian Refugee Camp, Turkey 2018
  • Art guida and workshops with children of Tate Modern / National History Gallery / British Museum / Science Museum, London 2018
  • Art Director Of Qbicart, London 2018
  • Volunteer Art Educator In Socıal Chıldren Centre (6 month in Woodside), London 2018
  • Workshop with children for Peace, Beyrut, Lebanon 2017
  • Boğaziçi University Alumni Association (BUMED) Curious Children School, Art Teachr 2015-7
  • ENKA Schools IB Animation, Sculpture Teaching 2014-7
  • Istanbul Modern, Art Consultant, 2016
  • Spiritual Medication and Psychodrama Training 2015
  • The Nesin Mathematics and Art Village Volunteer 2015
  • Gaziantep University Pattern Workshop Participator and Notice Work, 2014
  • ARTOROS International Art Workshop, 2014
  • University 3 rd National Exhibition Award 2012
  • METU (Odtü) “Society Membership (Çocuk Aklım)” 2016
  • Nazım Hikmet Summer School Projects Art Teaching Courses were performed 2015- 6
  • “The Dot” Festival Art Teaching Uniq İstanbul, 2 Festivals were performed 2015- 7
  • Borusan Contemporary Children Workshop 2014-6
  • Yapı Kredi Culture and Art for Children Workshop 2014- 7